A classy English Victorian style cocktail bar of the late 19th / beginning 20th century, with the addition of a modern touch. The original English safe from the end of the 19th century, the hand-carved chandelier, the vintage collectible dishes of the 'british' countryside, are just some of the "details" that make this place unique. "# Your2ndhome" is Peaky Blinders' mission: our customers come to visit us just for a chat and recognise the attention to the quality and ingredients of our drinks. The Peaky Blinders experience is ideal for friends’ hangouts, to celebrate an event, for a cocktail business or for a romantic moment. Located in the historic center of Rome on Via dei Cartari - between Piazza Navona and Castel Sant'Angelo -, just in one of those alleys that smell of handycraft and tradition for the Romans and for those who come here from all over the world.



Via dei Cartari, 7

00186 Rome, Italy

Tel: 39 06.98262456

Open Wed-Sat from 6.30pm till late